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Boundaries when He isn't listening

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Join Elizabeth's online coaching course to start naming your boundaries in a way that ensures you will be heard by your partner.

Are you tired of trying to communicate and still nothing changes in your relationship? Do you feel as though you are talking to a brick wall and have threatened so many times if things don't change you will leave?

Let me help you learn how to name your boundaries with ease and grace so your partner will hear you and stop the repetitive arguing cycle.

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In this course you will learn the 6 steps you can start today to begin effectively naming and holding your boundaries with your partner tomorrow.

6 Steps - 6 Weeks

Step 1 - Understand what is OK and not Ok for you in your relationship

Step 2 - Do you give and give in your relationship till it hurts? Learn to change you boundary style and protect yourself.

Step 3 - Discover what is holding you back from communicating clearly and holding your boundaries with your partner.

Step 4 - Use my toolkit to use the right language to name your boundaries with clarity and certainty.

Step 5 - Understand how relationships work - knowledge is power you can use to stop the arguing cycle and take back your power.

Step 6 - Build your confidence to be ready for anything.

When you speak your truth and name your boundaries with your partner you build your confidence. You cannot change your partners response to your requests ~ but ~ you will have heard yourself say the words with conviction and self respect ~ and that is what makes the difference.

Your will have the clarity to take control of your life, who you are, what you want and who you want to spend your life with.

How this Course Works:

  • A self paced course you can start at any time.
  • Lifetime access to the course materials.
  • 6 webinars, videos and worksheets with real life examples.

If you are not satisfied, Elizabeth offers a 100% money back guarantee.

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Your Instructor

Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones
Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

Over the past 13 Years I have worked as a Psychologist and Relationships Therapist specialising in helping women keep themselves physically and emotionally safe in their relationships.

Why? Because when you are in an abusive relationship you will feel confused and overwhelmed. Even intelligent confident and self assured women and find themselves loving a Toxic Toad. You deserve to be heard and respected in your relationship.

Do you say Yes when you want to say No? Let me help you name your boundaries in your relationship and start saying yes to yourself first.